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Cattle Guards : Operation

Due to the unique design of our cattle guards you are no longer required to go to the time or expense of digging and maintaining a pit. The unit, when at full rise, sets at 13" above the ground at the center. This creates an illusion of depth and also gives an elevation that a conventional cattle guard does not provide.

When entering the guard the floor collapses under the weight of the vehicle, coming to rest flat on the ground. This concept allows the unit to support a tremendous amount of weight with the ground functioning as the support system instead of the pipe structure.

Upon exiting the floor begins its retrieve, taking approximately 25 to 30 seconds for the unit to return back to its original height. This slow retrieve design provides ample time to safely tow a trailer across without the risk of hanging on the guard. It is not necessary to allow the floor to come to full retrieve before crossing with another vehicle.









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